Thursday, August 2, 2012

Twin Sons ?

A fellow reader of a blog, American Kabuki, sent in this analysis of photos of 'James Holmes,' the alleged Aurora movie theater shooter.

Just seeing the first frame--the two pics side by side--you can tell that just about every major feature is obviously different. The nose of the dark-haired pic is shaped differently--wider at the bridge, at the middle, and at the nostrils. The eyes of the dark-haired pic are narrower from lid to lid, whereas the red-haired pic has rounder, more open-looking eyes. They're also clearly a different color and the shape of the folds in the upper lids are different. The ears of the dark-haired pic are less pronounced and the whorls are shaped differently than those in the red-haired pic. The mouth of the dark-haired pic is thinner-lipped and the mouth is positioned higher on the face (the chin is longer) than in the red-haired pic. And finally, the neck of the dark-haired pic appears rounder and softer (less visible muscle definition) with a less-pronounced Adam's apple than the red-haired pic.

But look what happens further down, when 'GC' overlays the pictures and aligns them on different features.

Photo sent to me by CW

Photo Courtesy Sydney Morning Herald

Photo Courtesy (added 7/29/12)

Updated: 7/27/12 Reader GC sends the following:
My take on the two pics of "James Holmes"

Description of "Holmes" photos is as follows:
01: Best alignment. Subjects left ear was used as main alignment point.
Resized pic slightly so ear sizes matched.

02: Moved the faces apart vertically while keeping eyes and bridge of nose aligned.

03: Shrunk black haired pic till the noses matched in size. Aligned nostrils.

The nose is WAY off. So is the eye spacing.
Look at how small the first pic needed to be shrunk to make noses same size.
Black haired subject nose and head in general is larger.

Left ear was similar in both pics.

Feel free to reprint this email in your blog.

Enjoy, GC

So, I'm wondering why exactly the authorities and the media are showing us pics of what are CLEARLY TWO DIFFERENT MEN, and telling us both of them are James Holmes and both of them are guilty of being the "lone-wolf shooter" in the theater massacre. I wonder.

Update 8/4/2012: Having made myself use a modicum of technical savvy (not easy), I did my own experiment with a photo editor on the two pics. I took the two pics and sized them (proportionally) until the irises of the eyes lined up correctly.I then overlayed one on the other and made it a semi-transparent layer, to see how they matched up. They don't. At all. The most obvious difference is the distance of the mouth from the eyes--way different. These two are not the same man. Period. Here's my amateur effort.

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