Thursday, August 2, 2012

This Is Our Doing

Below is a video coming out of Aleppo, Syria, showing the summary execution of alleged loyalists to Syrian leader Bashar Assad. The guy at the beginning of the video--the "prisoner"--is a policeman who was taken from a police station, according to this article. The others, well, who knows what they are supposed to have been doing.

The folks doing the executing are the so-called freedom fighters that our government is bankrolling and supporting. Just to be clear--executing prisoners captured in a 'war' is a WAR CRIME. Ipso facto, our government is assisting war criminals in Syria. Just as we have in Libya. Just as we have in Iraq and Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. They're supposed to be the good guys. Watch the video. Do they look like good guys to you? Or bloodthirsty psychopaths?

This isn't someone else's doing. This is what's done in your name, with your money, maybe by your children if they're in the military. This is OUR doing. And if you can't or won't watch it--or if when you watch it you get sick to your stomach--why would you let it continue?

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