Monday, July 2, 2012

Who Knew?

A while back, in a post titled, When the People Win, I talked about the situation in Iceland, as an example of what could happen if we just flew the interdigital bird in the direction of our friends, the Big Banksters, and said, "no, sorry, won't be paying you to tank our economy anymore, and by the way, we won't be paying you your protection racket money anymore to keep you from tanking our economy, either."

Back in 2008, when the banksters crashed Iceland's economy, Icelanders refused to give them trillions of dollars as a reward called "bailouts." Then they refused to accept "austerity," which is code for take the money from regular people in taxes, cut all the programs that benefit regular people, and give all the money to the Big Banksters and Big Business, then collect fat campaign donations from Big Bank and Big Biz, so you can do it again later on. What did they do instead? The arrested a bunch of furry bankster behinds, took out their corrupted politicians, defaulted on the fake debt the banksters had run up, and began to run their own country again.

I thought that it sounded like a pretty dang good idea--one we should emulate. Well, the edgiest of the mainstream media, the Young Turks show, has finally caught up with a little housewife in the midwest. The video is below. I still think the Icelanders are on to something here. Shall we meet at the Capitol? I'll bring the rocks.

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