Tuesday, November 15, 2011

When the People Win

Every day, we've been hearing about how the troubled nations of the Eurozone have no choice but to take bailouts (read, "huge counterfeit debts to be repaid by regular people to globalist financial interests who control the IMF and WorldBank and the big banks all over the world") in order to save their economies.

What is really being proposed is this:  1) Everyone will ignore the fact that the financial crisis in Europe, like the financial crisis here in the US, is a creation of globalist bankers having created so much fake money (leverage, they call it) that it can't ever be repaid, even if the entire world's assets were confiscated and paid on the fake debt; 2)the IMF will borrow more fake money, created on a computer screen by the global banking cartel and backed by no actual assets of any kind; 3) the IMF will then lend said fake money to troubled countries like Greece, to be repaid by the people of the country in the form of taxes; 4) the Greek government will impose further "austerity," which means that all the functions of government that they have promised their people, and that the people have paid their taxes for, like decent roads and public works, and the social safety net, will be renounced and taken away to show Greece's "good faith" about repaying the fake money; 5) the Greek people will toil and slave, but will never ever be able to pay back all the fake money with their real work and real products; 6)after a sufficient waiting period, the global banking cartel will instigate another crisis; 7) Repeat steps 1 through 6.  Eventually, the global banking cartel will have all the people working all the time just to pay back the fake money that they made on a computer--no social projects, no functions of government--just a whole nation working full time to pay the banksters back for having extraordinary imaginations.

This is also what will be happening in the rest of Europe, and the US, if not sooner, then a little later.   Sounds positively festive, doesn't it? 

So what would happen if Greece, or the rest of Europe, or the US, or even better, all of them, said no?  Well, we happen to have an example of just that.  Back at the beginning of this collapse, in 2008, as we in the US were preparing to fork over $800 billion or so to the banking cartel to keep the global economy lurching along in its undead, zombie-like state, Iceland also fell upon hard times. 

The Icelandic folks refused all 'bailouts,' and instead defaulted on their debts.  The powers that be (the banking cartel and its minions, the European governments) pitched a fit, threatened, begged, wheedled and cajoled, but ultimately the Icelandic people would have none of it.  They insisted that they were not going to pay back the banks their fake money.  And here's what has happened--a freaking democracy broke out.  A government is emerging in Iceland, actually controlled by the people, who are still pretty intent on flipping the bird to the Eurozone and the IMF and their puppetmasters, the bankers.  And, you know what?  Last I checked the news, the sky is still hanging in there over Iceland.  The sun still rises there.  And they're taking their country back from the globalist crooks.    Read about it here.   Iceland. All those guts, and reindeer too.  Cool.

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