Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Mouths of Babes

Every so often, children put we adults to shame. I've just read about one of those times. A bunch of homeless children, living in Delhi, India, have self-organized a workable, fair, banking system.

No derivatives. No exorbitant interest. No too big to fail. No golden parachutes for executives. Just a human-to-human banking system where kids work and save their money for important things for their future, and some take 'advances' or loans for stuff like a uniform so they can go to school, or to help their parents open a business. It makes me think of the Building and Loan in the movie It's a Wonderful Life. Every so often, children put us to shame. And, for a minute at least, they make me proud of being human.

Their story is here on RT today.

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