Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's What's for Dinner!

What's for dinner tonight, honey? If the answer is beef, you might want to think twice. Seems that even the mainstream news whores have finally had to report on the widespread practice of making garbage into food.

This article and video by ABC News is offering its mainstream imprimatur to the knowledge common in good food circles for years about the disgusting practice of using so-called "pink slime" in ground beef.

Pink slime, which is called by food companies "lean, finely-textured beef" is made by taking beef "trimmings" (translation: crap they swept up off the floor that used to only be used for dog food), simmering them slowly until they break into workable goo, running the goo through a centrifuge to separate out the "lean meat," and then spraying it with ammonia to kill enough of the bacteria in the slime so that it won't make you immediately sick to eat it. Nummy.

No one at these food companies seems to notice that ammonia isn't really very good for you. Really. Look under your sink at the bottle lurking there--it says to call poison control immediately if you ingest any. Unless it's in your quarter pound patty, anyway.

According to ABCNews, 70 percent of ground beef in stores contains "pink slime." And you don't get to know whether yours does or not, because the USDA (through an official who is a pink slime industry insider) ruled that they don't have to label ground beef as containing pink slime. Thanks, USDA.

They'll have to change their posters. Slime...It's what's for dinner.

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