Thursday, March 15, 2012


I have just run across a YouTube video by Charlie McGrath of If only I could be so clear. His reasoning is impeccable, and it's a call to you, and me, and every American. Two minutes of brutal truth, of why NOT to participate in one more minute of what our nation is up to, is here for the taking:

"... enough is enough. There is no more blood for oil, or blood for treasure, or blood for whatever. If you want to spend YOUR blood, Washington DC, New York City, City of London, YOU go over and fight these battles. That's enough American men and women being butchered, and it's enough citizens of this planet dying in the name of 'spreading democracy." -Charlie McGrath

We need a new Congressional bill--one that says that no military action can be taken without Congressional approval, and that your vote for the military action also serves as your enlistment in the military branch of your choice, at the lowest rank in that service, in the combat operations you voted for. I'm betting the world turmoil would calm right down.

UPDATE: The story McGrath refers to about having to disarm the troops before a visit from Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is here. You suppose that having to disarm the military before your SecDef will get out of the car is a sign that something is seriously amiss with our military policy?

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