Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Do You Smell That?

This morning, much of the alternative media is hair-ablaze because of the "Free Speech is a Felony" law, the "Peacetime Martial Law" order, the deployment of mass assets to the Persian Gulf that may lead to a war with Iran, etc., etc., etc.

Oddly, I'm calm. Eerily calm. I think that's so because in the last couple of weeks, I'm seeing that, try as they might, the powers that be just can't seem to get their narrative to sprout wings and fly. No matter what else is going on, it seems that light is illuminating dark. Here are just some examples:

~Yesterday, Italian Police arrested 16 tax court judges and 31 others who are accused of connections to the Italian Mafia and widespread corruption involving big business and government. Story here.

~The rats seem to be abandoning ship in great numbers. Before stopping tracking the bankster resignations last week, American Kabuki's list reached 358 banksters who resigned since September, with over 200 of those since February 1.

~Other ultra-fat cats seem to be turning on one another. Aussie mining muckety-muck Clive Palmer has accused the Australian Green Party and Queensland environmental campaigners of conspiring with the American CIA to destroy the Australian coal industry. In doing so, he accused the US government and other American interests of meddling in and funding Australian politics through a secret budget. I bet we'll be hearing some more about that.

~Word is leaking out through alternative and foreign media that the recent Afghan massacre in which 16 Afghani civilians including 9 children was not in fact the work of a crazed lone gunman. An Afghan Parliamentary investigation has obtained evidence from witnesses and survivors that point to "two groups" of American soldiers--15 to 20 men--as the perpetrators of the violence. The US media may be complicit with the US government in the pinning of the atrocities on one madman, but doubts about the veracity of that account are creeping into the common consciousness.

~One of the richest organizations on the planet, the Vatican Bank, has recently been named as an entity "at risk" for money laundering, suspected of holding or distributing proceeds of drug trafficking and other organized crime. The Bank has had one of its accounts closed by JPMorgan/Chase for failing to respond to requests for information about suspicious transactions, and has had another account--over $30 million--frozen by an Italian judge. Its president is also under criminal investigation.

~Whistleblowers, both current and former employees of Big Banking and Finance, are coming forward with tales of illegal, unethical, and conspiratorial schemes at some of America's largest financial institutions. From manipulation of markets to scamming of investment clients, the whistleblowers are whistling about it, and some is even making it into mainstream news media.

~The UKs News of the World phone hacking scandal has continued to move, in spite of all Rupert Murdoch's billions. Last week, British police arrested six people, including Murdoch's protege and BFF, Rebecca Brooks, and her hubby, for the British equivalent of obstruction of justice, apparently for covering up evidence of criminal wiretapping, etc.

~The recent Kony 2012 furor was quickly questioned, crashed, and then met a fiery demise, as it became rapidly apparent to most that the film, which rightly brought attention to an awful chapter in recent African unrest, was nonetheless being used as a propaganda tool to justify more American military occupation of African nations who happened to have LOTS of OIL. And then of course there was the interesting exit from public view of the filmmaker, Jason Russell, who is taking a break for some quiet time after running the streets of San Diego naked, raving, vandalizing cars and publicly masturbating. Poor guy.

There are lots of others, including that the public is openly dubious about the government's and media's concerted and continuing efforts to say that the economy is getting better and so we can all go back to our Dancing With the Stars.

I've been saying for months that I predicted the wheels were about to come off the corrupt, slimy and stinking bus that is our government and its big business and big banking puppet-masters. Seems well underway.

So, the smell? I'm thinking that's some nice fat, meeting the fire.

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