Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Thought you all might be interested in this.  I posted a few days ago that I had emailed Oakland Mayor Jean Quan about the Scott Olsen assault by Oakland Police.  This morning, I got a message from the Office of the Mayor.  Here's the text of that message:

Mayor Jean Quan’s Statement Concerning
Day of Action on November 2, 2011
It is my expectation that tomorrow’s general strike is peaceful and places the issues of the 99% front and center. I am working with the police chief to
make sure that the pro-99% activists – whose cause I support – will have the freedom to get their message across without the conflict that marred
last week’s events. Although getting the balance right is never an easy task, in Oakland we are committed to honoring free speech and protecting
public safety.
The protestors are raising important issues that we must confront. Oakland is a city struggling with high levels of unemployment,
underemployment, foreclosure, and budget cuts. We all have to work together to solve these problems.
Tomorrow morning, Chief Jordan and Administrator Santana and I will open the Emergency Operations Center early in the morning and work together to monitor the situation and maintain peace. I call on everyone to lift up important issues and to lift up peace.
In the short term, I want to encourage everyone to support our small businesses, especially those in the downtown core who have experienced
declining patronage. They are a part of the 99%, and they are essential to our local economy.

Makes her sound positively reasonable, doesn't it.  Well, don't get your hopes too high on that score.  Here's an interesting video I got a link to this morning.  It shows that the Oakland Police Department is infiltrating the protesters.  There's footage of two different police officers, some in their uniforms, some while they're acting like Occupiers.  I wonder why?  Might it be so they can stir up trouble and create justification for some more police violence?    We'll see.

Please forward the link to the video to folks you know.  The more people know that officials may be trying to instigate violence they could then be heroes for 'putting down,' the less likely they actually will do it.

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