Saturday, November 26, 2011

Brave New World--Do Something NOW

Just about completely under the radar, the Senate will be taking up a bill for a vote on Monday or Tuesday.  This bill, SB 1867, is one of the insidious 'anti-terrorism' measures for which our government is becoming infamous.  A provision in this bill provides that people inside the United States can be considered 'terrorists' and detained indefinitely by the U.S. Military, without charge or trial.   This is true whether the person is an American citizen, or not.   Read more here.

This gem, drafted in secret by Sens. John McCain (R, Arizona) and Carl Levin (D, Michigan), in the latest in the American Government's declaration of war on the American people.  Mark Udall, a Democratic Senator from Colorado, has proposed an amendment that would delete the language permitting indefinite detention of Americans in America and replace those provisions with language requiring Congress to review detention power.

If you are  willing to take your chances on being sentenced by the military to life imprisonment for the crime of being called a terrorist by our government, then do nothing.    If you'd rather that you and your children not be subject to life sentences by fiat of the federal government, contact your Senators and Representatives and request that they vote for the Udall Amendment to SB 1867.  Then forward the link above to everyone you know and ask that they do the same.

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