Thursday, May 2, 2013

Answer Me This...

Ok, so a couple of days ago, I saw this day-of-the-bombing interview with cowboy-hat-clad-hero, Carlos Arredondo. 

In the interview, Mr. Arredondo describes how he rushed in to aid victims of the bombing and applied tourniquets to the rankly amputated legs of the most famous victim of the Boston Marathon Bombing, Mr. Jeff Bauman.

He shows his Red Cross disaster team ID.  Very moving account.

So, now, can you all answer something for me?

How is it that, at a bloody scene with at least one victim who has had both legs blown off by a bomb, Carlos Arredondo can render aid, up close and personal--so close that he's able to put on tourniquets to staunch presumably arterial bleeding (because arteries are severed when your legs are blown off, and because even the most basic first aid training teaches you to never use tourniquets except for severe arterial bleeding)--and yet, in the "iconic" photo of Mr. Arredondo rushing Mr. Bauman to an ambulance in a wheelchair, as the story is told holding Mr. Bauman's artery closed with his bare hands...

Carlos Arredondo

 he comes away with no blood on his light-colored, long-sleeved shirt? 

Seems to be a thing or two wrong with this picture.

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