Saturday, February 4, 2012

These Are the People We Trust

So, recently we've been told that we have to trust the Executive Branch of the Federal Government with the vast, unconstitutional power in the recently-enacted NDAA to call someone a terrorist and toss them in jail forever without charge or trial.

Here's the people we're supposed to trust:

In a city near Boston recently, the FBI concluded a two-year drug 'investigation' with a bust. They chainsawed through the door of the apartment, and held a woman at gunpoint facedown on the floor for over half an hour while her toddler screamed for her mommy from the next room.

The problem? Well, they'd chainsawed through the door of Apartment 2R. The target of their supposed "investigation" lived in 2F.

When all was said and done, after brutalizing an innocent woman, terrorizing a baby, destroying property, and all---how did they handle it? With a perfunctory, "routine" apology for the inconvenience, and a phone number the landlord could call to get reimbursed for the door.

Yeah, let's be sure and let these guys decide who to torture and indefinitely 'detain.'

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