Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Beat Goes On

In my post of a couple of days ago, On Today's Episode... I opined that we would be in for an escalation of rhetoric drumming up animosity toward Iran with the "Iran is trying to destroy our friends in Israel" meme, in order to justify the government's desired attack on that country.

Well, here's the next measure in that song. The dust had barely cleared from the explosion before Thai officials blamed Iran for a failed bombing in Bangkok yesterday. Apparently, the would-be bombers blew the roof off the house they were staying in, and then one of them, covered in blood, tried to hail a cab, who wouldn't take him. Just to make sure to attract more attention, the thrwarted bomber threw a grenade at the cab, injuring the driver, and ran.

When police tried to apprehend him, the hapless bomber tried to escape by throwing a grenade at police. It bounced off a tree and rebounded on him, blowing his own legs off. These bombers really need some explosives training.

Thai officials claim the bomber, and another man later apprehended at the airport trying to flee to Malasya had Iranian passports.

Per the ABC News Article,

Israeli officials told ABC News "we don't know" what Moradi's intended target was "because he was caught." A spokesman for Israel's foreign ministry has said there is no sign yet that Moradi's alleged targets were Jewish or Israel.

Wait a minute! Israeli officials? One wonders, why is it that both these major news sources are talking to Israeli officials? If you don't know the target, wouldn't it seem likely it's the country where the bombing occurred?

Apparently, not if you're drumming. You see, in the articles linked, there is no reaction of outrage from high level officials in Thailand--barely any reaction at all--but we did get to hear paragraphs worth from everyone's favorite Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu of Israel and his minions.

Stay tuned to hear soon which low level Israeli diplomat these keystone bombers were after this time. Don't worry, I'm SURE it will be ISRAELI diplomats.

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