Sunday, January 8, 2012

Things Are Not What They Seem

It seems that the media is telling us who won the Iowa caucuses, and--no surprise--it is the hand-picked, bought and paid for, groomed for the last several years successor to the Bush dynasty, Mitt Romney.

Or is it?  A caucus-goer who helped count the votes in Moulton in Appanoose County says that the State GOP and the media have it wrong.  According to DesMoines news channel, KCCI, there is evidence that Romney actually lost to Rick Santorum in Iowa.  Edward True, a 28 year old who caucused in Moulton, and wrote down the vote totals he saw at the 53-person caucus, says that Romney's 8 vote victory in the state is false, since there is a 20 vote error in Romney's favor, compared with the totals he helped count. 

The State GOP insists it got the numbers right, and that the "certified" totals will bear out its version of the events (at least after it convinces local officials to keep quiet about its "typos" in Romney's favor).   There's the reliability of elections for you. 

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