Thursday, October 20, 2011

Unarmed Robbery

Need to know why to support Occupy Wall Street and anyone else who is trying to bring down the big banking cartel in the US?  Here's the latest reason:

Everyone's favorite bank, Bank of America, has recently transferred $75 TRILLION in low quality derivatives (read: worthless paper) from its investment arm to its depository banking arm.  More here. Why? 

Well, its so that when the bank tanks, and it will,  US taxpayers will be on the hook for the losses.  The Fed is so corrupt that it seems to be saying this is perfectly ok.   So get ready, your share of this heist is over $200,000--for every man, woman and child in the US--and of course that doesn't include the interest the Fed will charge.

Don't forget to send a thank you card to Ben Bernanke.

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