Thursday, October 27, 2011

To Protect and Serve

This video is a shining example of how our system has been corrupted, our freedoms taken, by the big money interests and wussy politicians who get their power by licking their masters' boots. It shows Scott Olsen, a 24-year-old computer systems analyst from San Francisco, and 2 tour Iraq War veteran (Marines), who goes to work every day and then goes to sleep on the streets with the Occupy protesters to support them.   You know, he's one of those Marxist hippies who lives in his parents' garage and mooches off the government that the small minded opponents of the protests say all the participants are.

In the video, Olsen is standing peacefully between crowds of protesters and a police barricade as the police order protesters to leave the area.  He is shot in the face with some kind of projectile-possibly a tear gas canister-fired by police.  The police then stand, motionless and without so much as a twitch toward helping the young man, who is lying on the ground, bleeding.  When fellow protesters run back to help him, a police officer tosses a 'flash-bang' explosive canister at them.  Another protester is then shot by police with a rubber bullet as he is trying to carry Olsen to safety.  See the surprisingly unbiased coverage of this event at Fox News.

Olsen has been upgraded from critical to serious but stable condition, with a skull fracture and bleeding in the brain, in a Bay Area hospital. 

Oakland officials say there will be an investigation.  We'll see.

Are you about ready to see this system end? 

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