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The Truth You're Gonna Have to Work For

I found an article, and because I can't say it better myself, I'm not trying to.  I have added, in italics, my own thoughts for those of you who don't instantly see the truth in what he says.   If you don't give a good rat's behind what I have to say about it, the original article is here. 

By Mike Adams, Editor of Natural News

Through a devolving web of greed, self-serving power and a departure from fundamental ethics, Western culture has, over the last hundred years, become the counterfeit culture.

Nothing is real anymore -- not the food, not the money, and certainly not the evening news. And because it's not real, it's not sustainable. That's why it's headed for collapse, which is all too real, as many people are about to find out.

In the mean time, here are some observations about the counterfeit culture in which we all frustratingly find ourselves. It's all about corporations, governments and institutions being "in the business of" counterfeiting something -- faking something or pretending to create something of value when they really aren't. Ring a bell?

The Counterfeit Culture

The Federal Reserve is in the business of counterfeiting money.  Since the removal of the Gold Standard, there has been NOTHING of intrinsic value to back up the US Currency.  As time has gone by, we've gone further and further into debt, with no corresponding value added, because we don't make anything in America anymore.  So all we've got is just promises to pay on Tuesday for our hamburger today, to paraphrase the old cartoon mooch, Wimpy.  And lately, we're beginning to see just how worthwhile the "full faith and credit of the United States" is--we basically admit that we can't pay back all the money we owe the rest of the world.

The mainstream media is in the business of counterfeiting news.  The mainstream media, including that "Fair and Balanced" branch affiliated with the Rupert Murdock organized crime syndicate, is in the business of saying what the powers that be want us to hear.  If you don't believe me, follow the money.  They don't make money from selling a product--they make it from advertising.  Who advertises?  The big companies who own our government.  So, we're not likely to hear much from them that isn't what those folks want us to hear.  Some on the left, some on the right, but none on the truth.  Update:  as if on cue to prove this point, Fox News pulled its own poll showing that Ron Paul won the Republican debate last night, and instead declared that Mitt Romney won the debate.  Probably unbeknowst to Fox, someone had already taken a screenshot of the poll, and had blogged about Paul's win.  See the article here.

The pharmaceutical industry is in the business of counterfeiting medicine (Biopracy! They are stealing molecules from nature then counterfeiting their own patented variations.)  Again, follow the money.  The "healthcare industry," which is overwhelmingly for-profit and owned by huge companies who control the government, only make money if we are sick.  I mean who goes to the doctor when they are fit as a fiddle?  So, how do they need us to be, in order that they get to report growth in profits every year to their shareholders?  Sick.  They don't want us cured;  they want our conditions controlled, with treatments and medications that they make for practically nothing and sell to us for lots of money.  You can cure most instances of heart disease and type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure by losing weight, exercising, and changing diet--but they can't patent those things, so they throw us pills and cross their fingers that we're lazy and stupid enough to take them and not actually fix ourselves.

The medical schools are in the business of counterfeiting medical degrees. (When a doctor graduates from medical school, he still knows virtually nothing about nutrition.)  See the rant above.

Doctors are in the business of counterfeiting false medical authority.  Ditto.

The mega-sized food corporations are in the business of counterfeiting food. (Processed cheese food product, anyone?)  And in order to do it, they've paid their lobbyists to get subsidies for junk commodities that they can use to make junk food.  In America, Twinkies receive more federal subsidies than apples.  Food Subsidies

The global consumer product companies are in the business of manufacturing counterfeit consumer products such a "baby oil" (which is really a petroleum product).  Don't even get me started on the oil companies, who are reaping record profits every day as young people die to 'secure our interests' in oil-producing regions.

Social networks like Facebook are in the business of counterfeiting friends. (Please LIKE this article, okay?)   Read my previous posts, Anesthetic and Can You Hear Me Now? for my rant on this topic.

Cookie-cutter home builders are in the business of constructing counterfeit homes out of plywood, styrofoam and sheetrock... many these homes will not be standing in just 20 years.  But the banks will still be getting paid on them in 30!

Local city councils are in the business of counterfeiting power. (Obey or be punished!)  That's his, not mine.

Public schools are in the business of counterfeiting school diplomas. (Huh? What? Who needs to learn how to write, anyway?)  You only need to read the writing of most high school graduates to know this one is true.  Ever notice how many headlines on tv news graphics, newspapers or internet sites have really dumb errors, like putting apostrophes before the 's' in plurals?  As in, the Smith's.  Or mixing up your and you're.  Or there, their, and they're.  ARGHHHHHH!!!!

The Pentagon is in the business of counterfeiting war. (Don't have a war to fight? Bomb the World Trade Center and blame it on someone!)  Or, even if you don't buy the inside job argument, it's getting real clear that they covered up who did it, and blamed it on Iraq instead.  See my post of 9/15 re: the connections of Saudi Arabia that were ignored by the FBI.  And there's a lot more evidence of problems with the official story of 9/11, like the hundred million dollars or so of short sales of stock in the companies affected by the 'attack' just before it occurred, if you care to research it.

Mainstream historians are in the business of counterfeiting history. (Everything you were taught about history in public school is a lie...)  See above.  Ditto the Cold War, Vietnam, etc., etc.

The globalist banksters are in the business of counterfeiting debt. (You thought it was money, didn't ya? But it's really just debt.)  Two words--Foreclosure Crisis.  You're really going to argue that huge, international banks didn't know better than to give huge mortgages to people with no proof of income and no money down?  They just thought that when the default occurred, they would already have packaged it all up into Collateralized Debt Obligations and sold it to some other patsy.    Of course, we now also know that they knew their pet dogs in the government would bankrupt the country to give them TARP funds to buy them out of their greed-lust hangover.

And yet, things that are REAL are called fake

A man who recently stamped his own gold coins -- out of real gold -- was raided and arrested by the U.S. Treasury Department which announced that his GOLD coins were "counterfeit!" (

After the drug companies stole the lovastatin molecule from red yeast rice to create their own statin drugs, the FDA tried to ban all red yeast rice as a dietary supplement, claiming it contained "counterfeit statin drugs." (

When the alternative media like NaturalNews and Infowars publishes real news that nobody else will publish, it's called "fake" by the corrupt, openly bought-and-paid-for mainstream media (the OLD media).

Real is fake, fake is real
That's how the world works today, folks: Things that are REAL -- herbal medicine, gold coins, truthful journalism -- are all called FAKE.

Meanwhile, things that are FAKE -- the money supply, pharmaceutical medicine, myths of U.S. history and justification for war -- are all called REAL.

No wonder most people feel like their world has been turned upside down. But there's an easy way out: When you see someone from the government moving their lips, and words are coming out, there's no need trying to figure out whether what they're saying is REAL or FAKE.

It's all simpler than you think: If their lips are moving, then what they're saying is REALLY FAKE, and you can leave it at that.  So, in the next days, weeks, and months--and it's coming quickly--when the stock market tanks, and currencies crash, and disasters and crises are thrown at us like bullets out of an AK47, remember--what they're saying about it is FAKE.  Don't give them your money or your support, or your compliance in any more of their schemes, or any more of your civil liberties, without serious kicking and screaming.   Don't think that one side of the argument is 'right' and one is 'wrong'--they are both wrong.   The truth isn't going to get published on CCBS or CNN or MSNBC or Fox or any other combination of letters that's owned by the people stealing the money.   The truth you're gonna have to work for.

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