Thursday, September 15, 2011

Not Angry, Just Ready

In the last couple of days, it's come to my attention that my last several posts have struck readers as "angry."  Now, I'll admit to a history of a fairly hot temper and fairly intense opinions.  But lately, I'm anything BUT angry.   And I need to tell you about it.

For some time now--several years--I've been becoming more and more aware that things that I have believed simply aren't true.  Particularly lately, we see so many examples of what hasn't been true.  Just in the last few weeks, we've seen the light of day find that law enforcement seems to have--shall we say--failed to follow up clues as to who was responsible for 9/11 See here.And here.  We've heard about what seems to be systematic law-breaking by the supposed "pillars" of society in the Murdoch hacking scandal. Murdoch  There's been the evidence that the federal government seems to have 'accidentally' sold a bunch of guns to drug cartels in Mexico in a made for movies tale of intrigue they had oddly named Operation Fast and Furious.  (?) Guns  We've seen the recent discovery that half a billion dollars of stimulus money was funneled to a company in financial trouble that has now gone bankrupt. Solyndra  And there's the documents that show that our government and the Brits seem to have been a little cozy with the Libyan regime of Moammar Gadafy that we're now helping to oust from power, as our beloved intelligence community arranged to have alleged terror suspects  "rendered" to Libya for interrogation,  with 'assurances' that Libya wouldn't torture these rendered suspects.  Wink, wink. Libya Generally, it seems that a lot of stuff we thought was--wasn't.  

So, why am I not angry?  Well, because it is about to come to an end with no help from me.   They have pushed it so far that it can no longer stand--you can tell because the momentum is growing.  The scandals and discoveries of malfeasance are just about daily, and accellerating.   It's above my pay grade to figure out exactly who's the kings and who's the pawns in their dirty game, but I'm counting on the Universe to sort it out.  The jig is up. 

And meanwhile, I'm not playing any more.  I've discovered that governments are seats of power and influence, and as the old saying goes, power corrupts.  I'm not buying any more explanations that this or that malfeasance is accidental or negligent or carried out by 'rogues,'   I'm not buying that we have to kill tens of thousands of people with bombs and predator drones, or target whole races of people or countries over something that happened a decade ago, or over something we're afraid might happen.  I'm not buying the party line about what caused the financial crisis, or who's to blame for whatever is the scandal of the day. No matter who says it.

So, here's my plan.  I'm going to continue to realize that most of what we've been told about our world and the people in it is lies, and that the illusion is about to end.  For many people, the illusion is reality, and they're afraid to see the ugly truth.  For me,  the end of an illusion is a good thing, even if it makes us uncomfortable for awhile.  We just have to be brave enough to look, and really see what's been happening in our names--to support this cozy dream we've called our lives. We're standing on the edge of the cliff.  And what we get when we jump is freedom.

And so, there's no need to get angry--just get ready.

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