Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jesus Had Some Pretty Whacked Ideas

Ok, get over the shock of the title, and admit it.  The guy went around saying we are supposed to love our enemies.  Not our friends, or even the many people we're neutral on, but our enemies.  I know I've always had difficulty with that, and I'm guessing some of you do too.  In fact, I used to just think that the whole notion was just plain stupid, until someone once pointed out to me that if you have an "enemy," that person isn't going to change for you, because they don't like you.  So you've got two choices:  either let the enmity keep on, with the drag it places on you; or, refuse to let them stay your 'enemy' by wishing them well.  You can maybe try to understand why they are the way they are.  You can skip that step entirely and just acknowledge that chances are, they're doing the best they can with where they find themselves.  But then, you just identify something that you are learning from the bad experience with them, thank them for the lesson, wish them the best, and let it go.

A tall order, no?  Well, if you're not ready for that one, try a simpler one with me today.  Just identify
one person you don't like much--a coworker, a relative with whom you've got a thorny relationship, a neighbor, a politician--doesn't matter who, and all day long, every time you think about them, send them a mental hug.    You'll feel better--trust me.

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