Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How to Start a War No One Wants

About 10 days ago, a weasel-like lobbyist for the pro-Israel lobbying firm, the Washington Institute for Near-East Policy (WINEP), delivered a talk to a cozy little luncheon held in Washington.  You may be aware, if you follow ordinary news, that Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has been about lately, begging the US and the UN to do something to stop Iran from getting "the bomb."  The other day, he even brought a clever little graphic of a very cartoonish bomb to try to make his point more pointedly.

Of course, all of Mr. Netanyahu's histrionics aside, most evidence says Iran is a ways from having the bomb, if they're even developing one, and most of Netanyahu's own public, military, cabinet, and advisors say that attacking Iran would be a bad idea, but Mr. Netanyahu and Israel's Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, for some reason really really really want a war with Iran. 

Now, after a decade of war, Mr. Netanyahu is having almost as much trouble convincing the US government to act as he's having at home in Israel.  So, to the rescue, that aforementioned lobbyist, A Mr. Patrick Clawson.  At his little neo-con luncheon, asked about war in Iran, he's been so kind as to explain how to get the US into a war no one wants.  By as he calls it, the "traditional" way the US gets into war--a false flag operation.  For those of you who aren't big on this sort of thing, read up on some of the incidents Mr. Clawson mentions in his little talk--here and here in the blog archives.  The stories of the others are just as damning, if you take the time to do a little internet research.

So, without further ado, here's how Israel (apparently with the collusion of some pretty heavy hitters in Washington), may be trying to force a war that no one wants.  

Ok, so now, I'm just asking that you keep this in mind for the next few months, as we hear on the news about "muslim" uprisings, and internet hack attacks.  And at the moment that it looks most like we've been hit hard by our "enemies" in the middle east--take a really hard look at our "friends" before deciding on anything.


  1. Yes, unfortunately, EVERY major war the U.S. has been involved in, the public has been coaxed with full cooperation of the media with a SCAM false flag operation (wars we did not want but suddenly our "intelligence services" had inexplicable major breakdowns to let the "enemy" catch us blind!). "Remember the Maine", "Lusitania", "Pearl Harbor", "Gulf of Tonkin", "9-11", and we should be very wary now of a major false flag for Iran. How can we stop it cold this time? I don't know.

    1. Can we stop it? Yes. How? By being very vocal that we know what they're up to, and by saying NO. No, we won't send our families to die for them this time. No, we won't re-elect ANYONE who votes for such a scam war, no matter what letter falls behind their names. No, we won't keep funding it by buying all the stupid crap they tell us we need, that we really don't need, or often even want, except to say we have it. And no, we won't be afraid to march, carry a sign, talk about their lies, and publicly accuse them of being the murderers they are--until everyone knows.