Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Good Day

I've mostly ignored the world today, which explains much of why it's a good day.  And then, when my youngest came home, she had written a poem at school.   I wish I were as good a person as my baby is.  I wish everyone were.

I Am

I am joyous and free-willed
I wonder how people can be so cruel
I hear the cymbals of joy over the bells of mourning
I see the love of animals, persistent, even to those who are touched by evil
I want to break away and fly free
I am joyous and free-willed

I pretend to be calm and humbled when inside I feel fireworks
I feel like I can soar at times
I touch sorrow each day but continue on my journey
I worry I will have to leave my mother's side one day
I cry at others' sorrow and pain
I am joyous and free-willed

I understand imperfection and embrace it
I say everything has love
I dream of a carefree world
I try to ignore the pointless things of sorrow
I hope I never lose my spirit
I am joyous and free-willed

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